Headlines - What's up guys, welcome back to my channel and welcome to today's, I wanted to kind of give a baseline a beginner's guide to starting your health journey. I feel like there are so many people out there with that they just want to start living a healthier, happier lifestyle and they just kind of don't know where to go. So if that's you, this video is going to be perfect for you. 

I will be having timestamps throughout because I know this will be kind of a lengthy video because I'm going to go pretty in depth on some of these topics. So I'll have timestamps down below I kind of want to break this video down into workouts like ways to be active nutrition, kind of how to manage that where to start, what should you be doing? supplements get so many questions about do you need supplements are they worth it. | HOW TO START YOUR HEALTH JOURNEY

And then the last thing I want to talk about like your overall health because health is more than just what you eat and what you do to work out. It is Mind Body soul. I also want to say if you haven't already subscribed to my channel, go ahead and do that. lots more videos coming your way.

So with that being said, let's jump right in. Okay, first I want to talk about workout being active, there are so many options you truly cannot go wrong. And it is important that you just pick a type of exercise workout that you like that you enjoy, that you're going to be putting into your life, right? This isn't a quick fix. Again, bringing this to mentality, your mental health. 

This is for the long run. This is the long haul right? We're trying to make habits and build a lifestyle of things that we like so don't go weightlifter because I like to do what you like the way that we envision our life let's start living that way. | HOW TO START YOUR HEALTH JOURNEY

So whatever type of exercise that you want to get into Go for it. I'm going to list a ton of different options that you can choose from there even more options I just kind of want to go in depth, give you an idea of tons of things that you can do. So first things first I'm going to talk about the gym because that's my personal favorite that doesn't have to be your personal favorite whatsoever. at the gym, there are a couple different options you can just do what I do and do your own free weights, weightlifting, cardio hit whatever I like to do in the gym. It is self guided, I'm a personal trainer. So I do know my own workouts. 

I do want to say how beneficial it is to have a program to go by if you are going to the gym by yourself, it is nice to be able to have kind of a structured workout in something to help keep you accountable throughout the week. | HOW TO START YOUR HEALTH JOURNEY

Especially if you're trying to look for X amount of days to work out. It's just nice to have a program to base things around. If you aren't interested in getting a program, an app or a guide or something like that, there are a bunch of free resources on YouTube on Instagram. So you can use all of those you can subscribe to an app something will be coming from me soon that might get you excited. 

So plugging that in there slightly you can also get a personal trainer at the gym and you can also do group fitness classes. Those are a great way where if you do want to physically go somewhere go to a gym, a lot of gyms do have those group fitness classes where you're with a bunch of people you have the camaraderie You know, you're feeling excited and there's an energy there's a professional guiding you throughout the entire workout. | HOW TO START YOUR HEALTH JOURNEY

That's another phenomenal options do at the gym. Now there are tons of other classes that you can choose from like at 45. Pilates, yoga, I mean there's orange theory there's kickboxing, boxing, tumbling, if you want to do that there's bar there are just tons and tons of studios that you can go to here's the thing, if you're not enjoying your workouts, if you're not enjoying your trading style, you're going to get bored or you're just not going to be into it and then you're not going to have an incentive to go if you're really excited to go to classes it helps you and motivation is not always there it comes and goes and that's fine. That's completely normal. 

But if you absolutely hate what you're doing, change it up. You do not have to fit in a box. You can mix up your training you can do cycling one day yoga, another day you're doing Pilates another day you're doing orangetheory and then you weight lift once a week. Basically whatever fits into your life, your lifestyle what you want to do, that's matters. | HOW TO START YOUR HEALTH JOURNEY

That's really all that matters. Next up I'm going to talk about a schedule it is so important to have at least a schedule or commit yourself to X amount of days a week that you're going to work out because for me if I'm like okay if I can hit three days a week like that's great and that's kind of my goal right now set realistic expectations for yourself and for your goals. 

I can pop up some really quick splits because if you do weightlifting or if you do like going to the gym and you're following me You're probably wondering some good ideas for workouts let's so here's a couple of samples. Now I'm going to be moving on to nutrition. All of this is so personal. I'm just kind of giving blanket advice because this is a very wide audience and I can't give you personal advice. | HOW TO START YOUR HEALTH JOURNEY

So honestly, go with what your body is telling you what you feel comfortable with. Now the basis of nutrition is you've got your protein, your carbs, your fats, and then like your micronutrients. So Pretty bad carbs are your macro nutrients that has removed calories come from micronutrients or like the little vitamins and minerals like other little things that comes from like fruits and vegetables, etc that's kind of the two so you want to have a good balance of both your macro and your micronutrients, they help your body function and form as well as possible. 

I also highly suggest having water Okay, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate girls, and guys, okay, I probably drink at least a gallon a day it helps your body perform and function to its highest capacity. So important a lot of headaches are from dehydration. I don't think a lot of people realize how important water is and how much better and healthier you will feel if you just hydrate your body I know there's a lot of coffee drinkers out there, try to have at least a little bit of water before you add anything else in your day. | HOW TO START YOUR HEALTH JOURNEY

That's always my role water first always typically what a plate looks like for me is I usually live proteins carb and fat in a plate and then lots of vegetables. So I'm normally will have some type of carb which is like a grain pasta, potato, something like that vegetable, broccoli, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, the list goes on and on could have 100 vegetables I love them. And then I'm protein and that varies from salmon to chicken, ground turkey. I like that pork sometimes, if you're vegan, you've got your chickpeas or lentils.

If you're vegetarian, Greek yogurt, eggs, phenomenal nut butters great and fat and protein. So so many good options, you just looking at those whole food options which are like single ingredients, you know, like apple, peanuts, everything I've listed, pretty much processed foods are things that come packaged. For the most part, like I count also like baked goods as a processed food versus like whole nutrient dense foods. | HOW TO START YOUR HEALTH JOURNEY

So a base guideline I would say is I personally 80% Whole Foods and I'd say 20% processed foods you could say now sometimes it's like a 9010 sometimes I just am not craving any processed foods and I'm just like black. It's just it's not doing it for me today. I just don't feel like it. 

Other days. It's like a 5050 where I just want baked goods and I'm baking all day and just my love it or eating out a bunch and that's fine, right? over this long life that we live in one tiny day where you might eat a little bit worse isn't going to break your bank. If over all you're doing good. And every once in a while you have these days where you're just more hungry, you just need to eat alive, you just need to fix those cravings. | HOW TO START YOUR HEALTH JOURNEY

That's fine, because this isn't a short term thing right? This is long this for a year for the long haul. It's a lifestyle it's over a building. So you've got room to have those good days those those worst days which I don't even like to label them as bad because I don't feel like food should be associated with guilt. I don't feel like when we eat we should feel guilty. Okay, and I know that there's a lot of broken relationships with food. 

So in the end I hope along the stream you're helping your mentality of food is fuel food is good. find things that you like find things that are enjoyable when it does come to nutrition. I feel like it's the hardest thing right a lot of us can enter workouts when it comes to eating in the kitchen we're like totally, totally lost so kind of the baseline of where it starts for a beginner is at the grocery store. | HOW TO START YOUR HEALTH JOURNEY

Okay, go on Pinterest look at YouTube videos get recipe inspiration from other people have okay this looks like it might be good This looks like it might be good and write out your grocery list have your meals planned so that when you go to the grocery store, you know what you're shopping for, it is time consuming. So I have a couple of like staples that I'm always going back to so find those staples in your life in your house that you are quick easy go to meals that you kind of always have available like examples for me are always I always have like teriyaki nourish bowl do I always have rice I have some type of vegetable and some type of protein and teriyaki sauce. 

I mean, literally that's a great meal. Okay, I'll talk with avocado on top it with other things but whatever I've got, I could just kind of throw it into a nourish bowl, and that's something to eat. So it's a quick little scramble together and it's good. So whatever are kind of some go twos find that routine. Find those like staple pieces that you like to eat, and don't be afraid to branch out and try new things. Alright, now we're moving into supplements when it comes to supplements. You don't need them, okay? You truly don't need them. | HOW TO START YOUR HEALTH JOURNEY

They do help you get to your goals. They can totally help you reach your goals, but they're absolutely necessary Some people think they're a total waste of money. Other people like me, I like them but I'm not dependent on them cycle on cycle off so different types of supplements that I take. These are the only ones okay no like diet pill green tea detox stuff, because those just make up the brains Which is never a good idea so did juice cleanses I don't know if you ever saw a video but I literally almost had to go to the hospital because I passed out from immense pain.

Okay, I never in the first place condone to doing a juice cleanse but I wanted to try it to like, be funny and just try it. Yeah, that was really really bad. Anyways, supplements that I'm talking about are like pre workout in protein powder. Those are really the only ones I take. I did just start taking creatine. That's really all I take pre workout. there's kind of two different types. You've got stimulant pre workout and stimulant free pre workout stimulant pre workout has caffeine. I take prolific by pee signs, I love them. I've been with that company for a couple of years. | HOW TO START YOUR HEALTH JOURNEY

I just enjoy their stuff, you can always use my code Brett, it does save you money at checkout. And their stim free pre workout. It's called high volume, high volume is caffeine free. So if you're already having coffee, you're already having a bunch of caffeine throughout your day, you can have that or if you're working on at night and you don't want caffeine is a great option. You can stack the two together, which I do sometimes, I'd say my favorite flavors for pre workout or Bella piggery twist. When it comes to protein powder, there's way there is vegan protein powder. 

I personally like p sciences snickerdoodle. I like their vanilla flavor, they have them in Kpop so many good options peanut butter cookie snickerdoodles definitely my favorite and I use vanilla in a ton of different shakes and smoothies. So those are kind of my two always go to. I personally like protein. You know, a lot of times a lot of us struggle with making sure we're getting enough protein. You know, sometimes I'm a little bit less sometimes I have a lot, that protein shake just really helps me make sure that I'm getting enough protein to help me rebuild and strengthen my muscles. So that's what I like I don't take a protein shake every day, but I do take them quite often. | HOW TO START YOUR HEALTH JOURNEY

And pre workout I really do like to take that pretty much every day. Dry scoop games you already know last but not least, I just want to talk about like the overall encompassing of health which I feel like I've touched on throughout this entire video because I feel like it is the most important thing to drill home. One, there is no picture perfect version of health. Health, it's individual to you, to me to what makes us healthy, healthy physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. 

Like everything has to do with health. It's not just about being skinny, for goodness sake. It is not just about having a flat stomach, okay, if you're unhappy and you hate your self, and your body, no matter what you look like, if you don't fix what's on the inside, you're going to hate and load yourself forever. You've got to fix those things along the way to shore self more love, give ourselves more appreciation. Overall, our bodies are meant to help us live our life. | HOW TO START YOUR HEALTH JOURNEY

And to help us to do the day to day tasks that we have like our bodies are here just to friggin look hot. And I wish that society and Instagram and tik tok and YouTube didn't put so much value on that. But it's something that you personally can make the decision where you no longer associate your value with what numbers on skill. I don't even have a skill. I don't care what the number says okay? Ain't nobody gonna tell me my worth? Are you kidding me? I it makes me so sad when I hear people feel like oh, I was feeling so good about myself. And then I stepped on the scale. 

And I don't feel good about myself. And I'm like, why would you let something else to dictate your happiness ever. But there is a difference between being happy and loving the person you are loving yourself through the process, versus hating yourself and tearing yourself down. And self loathing, okay, there's enough hate out there in the world, there's enough people to hate on you to make fun of you, you should not be one of those people. So that's going to take work, it's gonna take time, it's gonna take patience, but this is your life. | HOW TO START YOUR HEALTH JOURNEY

Do you know what I mean? These small little moments and the small routines and habits that you're setting for yourself over time are going to lead you to be the person that you want and the healthier version of yourself. So I hope that I gave you some points to start with, with how to get started with activities kind of where to start maybe a little bit of a guideline with nutrition supplements if you're interested. And then just overall your mentality that's going to help push you and keep you going. When times get tough. | HOW TO START YOUR HEALTH JOURNEY

You know, if you're doing these for the right reasons, you're going to most likely continue through your health journey and keep living your healthy lifestyle because you're going to for a long haul, right? This is about living a better life.

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