Headline - I used to take myself out on dates open my own damn doors people everything on my plate Hello Guys it's kind of and welcome back to my channel Today's  is going to be kind of like I don't even know I'm gonna title this originally 

I was gonna film kind of like a healthy routine video like what I do in my day to day life but I feel like I already show you that in my like weekly vlogs and everything what I thought would be more beneficial is to kind of sit down I've written a list on my phone of my tips and tricks on how to live a healthy lifestyle and when I say a healthier lifestyle 

I'm not talking specifically about eating or like weight loss or fitness whatever I'm also going to talk about productivity mental well being just like how to improve your life if that is something that you want to do | YOU SHOLD KNOW!!! TIPS TRIKS! HEALTHY LIFESTYLE THAT CHANGED MY LIFE  FITNESS  MENTAL HEALTH

I hope that makes sense just yeah my tips and tricks on how I kind of turned my life around because I feel like this year has definitely been a massive journey for me in every way shape and form in terms of fitness my mental well being like literally everything I've done a complete transformation so that's what I'm gonna be chatting about today I've compiled a list on my phone of random tips and tricks I did not invent these these are not Kathleen trademark things before we dive  

I do want to thank native deodorant for sponsoring a portion which I will chat about soon please subscribe to my channel if you haven't already. We're very very close to 450,000 subscribers Rob we're gonna hit half million next year Akin half a million What do you mean and go ahead and follow me on Instagram so you know so you can see a closer look at what I get up to in my day to day life. Without further ado, let's jump into the video. By the way this crop is from the new Stax seamless collection that just launched I think by the time you see this video, it launched yesterday. I'm obsessed so this is not going to be in any particular order. | YOU SHOLD KNOW!!! TIPS TRIKS! HEALTHY LIFESTYLE THAT CHANGED MY LIFE  FITNESS  MENTAL HEALTH

I feel like my number one tip for just being more productive getting more done just feeling better. For me personally I know this is not for everyone is waking up early now everyone's definition of early is different. I find that I am the most productive in the morning. I feel the best in the morning. I feel like my days go better when I wake up earlier if that makes sense. But I'm also a firm believer in that everyone's version of productivity looks different. 

So if waking up early is not for you, you just got to find what works for you. However I do find that for me and I know a lot of other people as well. waking up early really really helps with just getting more done in the day because obviously you're getting more hours in the day so I find that whenever I wake up between say 530 and 630 that's like primetime for me. I love it. I feel so positive when I wake up in the morning and I feel like I can conquer the day. 

I love it so much I find that I'm not as productive when I don't wake up as early obviously I don't wake up super early every day but I definitely think waking up early makes me a much more productive human being if you've been wanting to start waking up early I would highly recommend number two kind of closely following on from that is make your bed I know this sounds so cliche and like everyone says oh make your bed I probably make my bed 364 days out of the year | YOU SHOLD KNOW!!! TIPS TRIKS! HEALTHY LIFESTYLE THAT CHANGED MY LIFE  FITNESS  MENTAL HEALTH

like I make my bed every single day probably the second thing that I do in the morning after like going to the bathroom or something if my bed is not made I cannot function as a human being I feel like if my room is messy if my space is messy or not made it almost like rubs off on me and I and I feel messy and like scattered as well. It's also like a good thing to start your day off like you've already like accomplished something in the day as simple as that sounds and as silly as that sounds making your bed it just starts the day off right like you've already kind of like got that ready and like the best I love coming back from the gym and seeing my room like clean or my beds made if you don't make your bed already 

I would recommend that also this is not me telling you that you need to do these things this is just give me giving my advice of what I would recommend. Yeah, making your bed is such a huge one as it's such a simple one. 

I can't my brain can't do that if it's on a computer for obvious reasons a calendar just helps you stay organized just know when things are due what events you've got on like it's just self explanatory calendars are very helpful especially now at this time of year when it's everything's like hectic and super busy and as well a to do list is really really helpful as I said because I do work for myself not every day is going to be the same so if I don't have a to do list for that day, | YOU SHOLD KNOW!!! TIPS TRIKS! HEALTHY LIFESTYLE THAT CHANGED MY LIFE  FITNESS  MENTAL HEALTH

it can be a bit tricky to kind of figure out what it is I need to get done but if I sit down the beginning of the day or the night before and think right I need to do this I need to do this I need to get this video filmed I need to edit this I need to like submit this so much easier and you can take it off and it makes you feel more productive. I feel like the physical action of taking things off. It's very therapeutic and it makes me feel like I'm being productive I will even put things on there like wash my hair. 

I know they're not for everyone but they are very helpful when it comes to be more productive in my opinion those are kind of like my lifestyle or like productivity tips so far moving more into like the health and fitness side I would say start slowly that's my biggest piece of advice I think starting slowly will give you wiggle room to make mistakes I definitely focused on one on the other first like when it came to diet and exercise I kind of looked at my diet first and tackle that first before worrying about exercise it was just easier for me to kind of like take on at one time 

And I found that much more successful for me Same goes with like going to the gym I kind of started out going like two days a week only doing yeah two days a week and then walking and then kind of increasing it and not being so hard on myself if I missed a day at the gym because I feel like when you are really hard on yourself you can sometimes do and have an all or nothing mindset which I definitely can like if you think you missed one day | YOU SHOLD KNOW!!! TIPS TRIKS! HEALTHY LIFESTYLE THAT CHANGED MY LIFE  FITNESS  MENTAL HEALTH

Oh okay, I've ruined it I'll just start again next week but that's probably not the best way to go about it because I don't know if I was able to stick with a regular exercise routine by being easy on myself like today for example I didn't go to the gym because I didn't feel like it I feel like at the beginning or before I even started this health fitness journey. I would have been like oh my god like I need to like I need to I need to I need to and you really don't. 

Your body needs rest just as much as it needs exercise. Now with that said obviously there are times when you want to Push yourself when you want to be more disciplined even if you don't feel like going you're like nope I'm gonna get this done I think in the beginning in particular you want to listen to your body and think right I'm just starting out give myself a break cut myself some slack it you know Don't be so hard on yourself start slowly so number five I would say is just moving your body like literally all of last year I didn't move my body at all I didn't go for walks I didn't really exercise 

I didn't do anything and it impacted on my health. I think moving your body even if has gone for a walk is honestly so good for your mental health and obviously your physical health and that's probably the best exercise you could possibly start with. Like if you've if you're starting from zero, just start going for walks, even if that's walking around your house obviously with Corona in some countries are in lockdown at the moment, it makes it extra hard, but just moving your body in some way, shape or form is probably the best place you can start | YOU SHOLD KNOW!!! TIPS TRIKS! HEALTHY LIFESTYLE THAT CHANGED MY LIFE  FITNESS  MENTAL HEALTH

I don't move my body every single day like to the extent of like closing my moving on my Apple Watch. But I do my best to not sit down for the whole day, which it can be a bit tricky sometimes because I do sit down and edit a lot of the day. Okay, number six in terms of like eating and whatnot, I would say mindful eating is probably the one that I struggle with the most even now. And when I say mindful eating this looks different for everyone. I feel like the biggest thing that I changed in terms of my diet was being more mindful about what I was putting into my body because beforehand I would just kind of snack all the time, just eat foods that weren't the best for me. And that in conjunction with not moving just didn't help me. 

For me personally mindful eating meant kind of just taking a look at what I was actually putting into my body, what macros how much protein I was consuming, how many carbs etc. and kind of tracking that with an app which I know is not for everyone. If you think that's going to be true triggering for you definitely don't do it. That's not the only way that you can be more mindful that what you're eating absolutely not but for me that was the most helpful because when it does come to losing weight if that is your goal, being in a calorie deficit is the way to do it, which is just science being in a calorie deficit burning more calories than you consume creates a deficit with that also i really really loved intermittent fasting I haven't been doing it probably for the past like month or so just because I don't feel it necessary anymore. | YOU SHOLD KNOW!!! TIPS TRIKS! HEALTHY LIFESTYLE THAT CHANGED MY LIFE  FITNESS  MENTAL HEALTH

I loved doing it at the start because it kind of like helped me put you in a calorie deficit obviously because it pushes back that first meal and you have a small eating window and I really really enjoyed it and I might introduce it again there's a ton of other benefits to intermittent fasting obviously other than weight loss but at the moment I just don't feel the need to be doing it. It's definitely personal preference intimate and fasting is not for everyone one of the most important aspects of like working out and burning calories is making sure to eat enough protein because your muscles desperately need protein to grow if you're not eating enough protein you might find that you feel really weak or you're not satisfied it's really important that you should be eating every single Mac car which carbs fat and protein I know I've said in the past I eat like a lower carb diet I definitely don't eat a low carb diet that's for sure absolutely no I have bananas arts pasta, I eat carbs. 

getting enough protein is really really important when it comes to building muscle and staying full I pretty much have a source of protein with every single meal unless it's like a snack like unless it's like me just having some vegetables or something or carrot or cucumber I can guarantee you I will have some form of protein with every meal whether that's chicken and eggs fish oats protein powder protein bar I love protein that's definitely my favorite macro if you Oh protein so yeah, I would highly recommend eat enough protein eat enough fat enough carbs don't deplete yourself And with that said I would say eat a lot of vegetables and high volume foods. If you guys have seen me make my giant salad but it's a perfect example of high volume foods. | YOU SHOLD KNOW!!! TIPS TRIKS! HEALTHY LIFESTYLE THAT CHANGED MY LIFE  FITNESS  MENTAL HEALTH

I love getting a massive bowl of lettuce because if you are trying to eat in a calorie deficit, eating high volume foods is the best way to go about it because it makes you feel like you're eating a lot of food because you are eating a lot of food you're just eating a lot of like low calorie foods. So I love having my big bowl of lettuce filling it with so many vegetables adding my source of protein adding my fat it's super feeling and it's going to keep me in that calorie deficit if that's your goal. I still have it now. I just love having my giant salad. It's hilarious My dad always looked at me like you're gonna eat that entire thing. I'm like yeah, yes I am. 

I could literally eat an entire Iceberg lettuce I'm not exaggerating. So yeah, things like veggies. Egg whites is a really good high volume food that you can have a lot of that lower calorie but also super high in protein which is really good leafy greens I literally will snack on carrots all the time. I will often put in some frozen veggies into a container Chuck in the microwave and eat that as a snack. If you don't already eat veggies in your diet. Definitely try to include them try and make your diet as colorful as it can possibly be if you are trying to improve your diet and one of the most cliche ones of all is drink water. I have never been the type of person to Drink water I've been pretty good for the past couple months I would say I pretty much always have this bad boy with me. | YOU SHOLD KNOW!!! TIPS TRIKS! HEALTHY LIFESTYLE THAT CHANGED MY LIFE  FITNESS  MENTAL HEALTH

And I try to really refill that as much as I can because obviously drinking enough water is super important especially if you're in Australia we're going into summer you need the water I love also adding like my shoe nor into big things of water or the X 50 green tea into them just the heck give me something to taste so it's not just like water, water water. 

I also feel like drinking water out of a straw is helpful. As weird as that sounds. I feel like it makes it so much easier. But yeah, drinking water is definitely a super important one I personally need to work on not having so much caffeine we all have our vices why as caffeine as I'm drinking coffee isn't through in this video. It's all about balance at the end of the day in terms of eating as well I'm the type of person where I can eat the same thing every single day and I'm right like I I'll find something that I love and I stick to it lately I've been obsessed with my protein pizza which I love. 

It makes healthy eating so much fun when you can have things like pizza, edamame, imposters amazing my colleagues love smoothies my pancakes people will always ask how can you not eat junk food it's because I'm not making myself miss out on the things that are junk food like I have pizza I'll eat pancakes it's just like a different way of going about it and I think that's really really helpful for me because I don't personally crave junk food but I would never tell anyone to not eat junk food because it is all about balance and if you want Mac is one day go for your life my junk foods probably sushi and I let myself have sushi like can't be so strict with yourself to the point where you feel like you're being deprived of your favorite foods because you got to live your life at the end of the day life's too short to deprive yourself of the foods that you want to eat. I'm not doing that I don't know about you. | YOU SHOLD KNOW!!! TIPS TRIKS! HEALTHY LIFESTYLE THAT CHANGED MY LIFE  FITNESS  MENTAL HEALTH

I also think one of the biggest things for me is was finding an exercise form that I enjoyed doing me personally I love group fitness like if 45 I literally don't have to think about it they tell me what to do and I move my body and then I'm out in 45 minutes which I love I do like working out at a gym I just think for a day to day basis I do prefer things like f 45 i think if you are starting out as well classes is so helpful because if you don't know what you're doing going into a gym on your own with like no plan is so overwhelming like it's this all this type of equipment and then half the time you end up just like walking on the treadmill at least that's what I used to do. 

I would also say don't be scared of lifting weights I know a lot of girls think that it's going to make them look bulky it definitely doesn't lifting weights is what's going to increase your metabolism it's going to build your muscle it's going to give you that shape lifting weights is probably much more important than cardio that's why I do love 45 because it is a combination of hit and weights I do want to even start doing more weights so I can kind of like build more muscle and you know shape my body in the way that I want to shape it I feel like we've passed a point where everyone knows that like lifting weights is the best thing about if you are in the position to have a friend go with you to the gym that's always good even if they just join like the trial with you and then they don't vote that's also super helpful like my mom came with me to my 45 trial just I had someone with me you know so yeah try and find an exercise that you love whether that's dancing, whether that's ice skating, rollerblading, whatever find something that you enjoy doing because you probably more likely to stick to it and then coming back into kind of more the health mental well being part of it I would say do your best to switch off at nighttime for me this | YOU SHOLD KNOW!!! TIPS TRIKS! HEALTHY LIFESTYLE THAT CHANGED MY LIFE  FITNESS  MENTAL HEALTH

is something that I struggle with definitely and I probably don't do it giving yourself that time to rest. Self Care is so important when it comes to your health and well being self care is being productive, right it's being productive I have to remind myself that whenever I'm like taking time out to just relax and chill out because otherwise you can burn yourself out and it's just it's not sustainable you really need to switch off at nighttime I don't really vlog I don't really film videos just because it's my time to kind of unwind and relax because otherwise I just never switch off and my brain will constantly be moving from one place to the next and I just 

I would explode as I said before your body needs rest just as much as it needs exercise for a lot of people who are like workaholics or just go go go go resting is probably harder than getting stuff done for me I try and do minimal work on the weekends It is hard when it's like a busy time of year or you know it's not always possible to like take a complete day off but like whether that's just literally going for a 10 minute walk or watching YouTube video or just having a cup of tea like rest wait can because your body needs it but yeah, those are kind of my tips and tricks for leading a healthier lifestyle things that have kind of changed my life if you will. I feel like yeah, this has definitely been quite a transformative year for me in every shape and form. 

If you told January me that I would be where I am in terms of my health and fitness how I am as a person. I'm so independent Now and I used to never be like this and yeah I feel like definitely these tips and tricks have helped me immensely like I think I made my 2020 plan video or my goals for 2020 and health and fitness is definitely one of them my big goals for this year is to really get back into health and fitness and get back into the gym because it makes me feel so much better in a number of ways it makes me feel more accomplished makes me feel mentally a lot better because the endorphins and obviously | YOU SHOLD KNOW!!! TIPS TRIKS! HEALTHY LIFESTYLE THAT CHANGED MY LIFE  FITNESS  MENTAL HEALTH

I want to like physically it helps physically it helps So yeah, I haven't joined a gym I'm probably going to join something like 45 if you guys are familiar with that in Australia, thank you so much again to native for sponsoring a portion of today's video make sure to comment down below any other videos you want to see for me. I know you guys want to see a workout routine, but as always, I hope you guys are having a lovely day or night wherever you are in the world and I'll see you in the next one. Bye

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