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Healthy Eating one on one,

I get so many questions from you guys asking how do I eat healthy? Where do I even start? 

Like how can I just eat healthy on a daily basis in an uncomplicated way, a way that works for my body in a way that's enjoyable, sustainable, and maintainable. That is why today I'm going to be answering all of your questions in regards to healthy eating, and just going over the basics in a way that's easy to understand. and fun. 

We always keep it fun, as you might already know, or you probably know or maybe you don't know, I used to struggle with binge eating disorder. And I used to just really struggle with honestly just my relationship with food and my body. I just know that it's a sensitive subject, because I used to struggle with this. | BEGINNER? You Should READ THIS !! REALISTIC! How To Start! TIPS EATING HEALTHY IMPORTANT YOU TO KNOW

But what I can say is my struggle with binge eating actually led me to learning about how to intuitively eat for my body. And in a way that led to food freedom, it led to me actually falling more in love with health and fitness and getting certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. So honestly, I really do believe that God really worked that out for good in my life, not that the eating disorder was good, but that I was able to share my story with so many of you, and how I stopped binge eating, and it's truly changed so many lives. 

And so honestly, I'm really grateful for that struggle, because I really wouldn't be where I am today. And that's why I am so passionate about health and fitness because I found true freedom and I found true life transformation in eating in a way that just works for my body. So I'm going to go over those basics today, I'm going to really dive into just the simplicity of eating. And it's actually not as complicated as we make it out to be. | BEGINNER? You Should READ THIS !! REALISTIC! How To Start! TIPS EATING HEALTHY IMPORTANT YOU TO KNOW

I will say one more thing I haven't benched for years ever since I made my very first video on how I stopped binge eating. I have never ever struggled with binge eating ever since. And it's because I truly have healed my mind and my body and my soul is where it really started. I don't struggle with food addiction and food obsession and just really possessive controlling compulsive behavior around food. And so now I've come out on the other side. 

And I naturally lost the weight that I gained when I was binge eating. And I've been able to maintain a healthy weight ever since and live in a way that just honors my body and enjoys a healthy lifestyle without being obsessed and restricted and everything like that and free. 

I have been just renewed from the inside out and I could not be more happy just with the relationship that I have with my body and my healthy eating than I am today. I just feel really satisfied. And that is literally why I'm making this video because I want to help you get to that place too. 

And if you're already in that place, I want to encourage you to stay there and I just really want to stand up and say that we as women really don't need to fall into those lies anymore of weight loss fast or you can't eat this or this food is bad or This food is the only good food. It's just so unhealthy. And I really want Do to thrive from the inside out, 

I don't want you to deprive yourself, I want you to thrive. If you watch my last video, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. And if you really want to know more about how to form really good healthy habits around food and break some maybe unhealthy habits or habits that you no longer want, you can check out my last video how to do that from a healthy way in a way that just doesn't come from restriction. 

I've truly been set free. 

And that's why I want to make this video because if you're struggling with food, or maybe you're just wanting to know more about healthy eating and how to incorporate more veggies in your diet, then this video is going to be for you, there's going to be two parts of this video, the first part is going to be food and our relationship with food. So it's going to be more about how we see our bodies in relationship to food. | BEGINNER? You Should READ THIS !! REALISTIC! How To Start! TIPS EATING HEALTHY IMPORTANT YOU TO KNOW

This is really important, in my opinion as the foundation to healthy eating, because that's where it starts, it starts from the inside. And then we're going to have the outside, which is literally the food that we consume, and that we eat, I'm not going to tell you what to eat, or what diet and when I say diet. I don't mean like a meal plan specifically, I mean, what you consume, like my diet is full of fruits and veggies. 

That's what I'm talking about when I refer to diet, not dieting, which is like a restrictive way of eating. Okay, does that make sense? Hopefully it does. I think I did a good job of explaining that let's start off with is their way of eating that works for everyone. Let me just go ahead and give you that answer. Are you ready? You might be surprised, yes, I believe that there is a way of eating that works for everyone. 

And that is intuitively eating or aka listening to your body in the world of nutrition and dietitians and all that kind of stuff. It's called intuitive eating, which just means simply listening to the signals that your body is telling you, Hey, I'm hungry, hey, I'm satisfied or I'm full. It's just listening to your hunger signals and responding to them in a way that is going to honor your body. | BEGINNER? You Should READ THIS !! REALISTIC! How To Start! TIPS EATING HEALTHY IMPORTANT YOU TO KNOW

So let's dive into exactly the nitty gritty of intuitive eating, what it is and how you can do it. I believe that there is no such thing as one diet that works for everyone. And I honestly really stand by that. So I'm not going to be telling you what foods you should or shouldn't eat in this video. I think that is completely up for you to decide, based on where you live your financial situation, what makes your body thrive, I really believe that everyone is in such a different lifestyle that we really can't say this is the only way to eat. 

However, we can all listen to our bodies, God has given us hunger signals of, Hey, I'm hungry, and hey, I'm full. And we can really truly honor those. And I'm going to get into the details of that I will leave a link to intuitive eating in the description box and you can actually buy the book, I've read the book and it's totally changed my life, as well as brain over binge, which is the book that helped me Stop binge eating, as well as my ebook on track which goes over more of the spiritual side of really just having a healthier soul so that you can have a healthier mind and body. 

Now the first way of intuitive eating is to reject the diet mentality. So no longer saying I can only this amount of food, or I can't have this food, it's basically just to say I am done listening to a plan for my body. And I'm now going to listen to the internal roadmap that is already built within me that God has placed inside of me of again, being hungry and full. And instead of relying on, I can only eat this certain amount of calories, I can only eat these foods in this meal plan I can only at this time of day for this specific food group, it's completely rejecting that altogether and saying I'm no longer going to be ruled by an external source telling me what my internal body can actually just tell me on its own. So it's really about learning to be in tune with your body. | BEGINNER? You Should READ THIS !! REALISTIC! How To Start! TIPS EATING HEALTHY IMPORTANT YOU TO KNOW

Again, we're going to be strong from the inside out and be strong and the fact that hey, I already have a god given internal roadmap, and I'm going to listen to it because that is going to lead me down the path of true health instead of what this diet is telling me and where this diet is leading me which is actually just more restriction. And then just honestly, for me, it was just an unhealthy relationship with food. So we have immediate food freedom by rejecting the diet mentality. And that leads us into number two and number two is to honor your hunger. 

So when you are hungry, eat and I know it sounds really, really simple. But like an example last night, I was hungry and I didn't actually eat as much throughout the day yesterday because it was really busy. It was just like an unusually really busy day and I definitely did eat. It's just I didn't eat as much as I usually do. So I got to the end of the day, it was around nine or 9:30 or whatever time it was and I was hungry and I really didn't feel like I was late night snacking in a way that was like this constant every single night. 

I'm just snacking mindlessly, and then I wake up feeling bloated, it was no I'm actually just going to have a banana and some peanut butter before we go to bed because I'm going to honor my hunger. There's no such thing as food rules. If you can do this or you shouldn't do that. The whole idea of me not late night snacking chronically all the time isn't about never eating again past 8pm it's just about listening to my body and not mindlessly and chronically eating right before I go to sleep which just really wasn't helping my digestion and I was waking up feeling bloated. 

So focusing on the positives of, I really enjoy not waking up feeling bloated and I feel really good when I don't do that. It's not about I can't do this, it's just about living in a way that makes your body feel good. And that's what I'm all about. So last night, when I was hungry, it wasn't like, Oh, I'm not late night snacking anymore. | BEGINNER? You Should READ THIS !! REALISTIC! How To Start! TIPS EATING HEALTHY IMPORTANT YOU TO KNOW

No, of course, I'm going to sometimes have a snack before I go to bed. Tip number three is to make peace with food. So there's no such thing as good food or bad food, it would be like saying apples are good, and chocolate is bad. So there's no such thing as good and bad food. There's maybe food that's higher in sugar, or higher in fat or higher in carbs, or higher in protein, or higher in this or no more of this macronutrient or less of this one food. At the end of the day is food. Removing the labels of good and bad really gives yourself permission to eat. And it helps you to not feel deprived from maybe some of your favorite foods that maybe previously you would have labeled as bad if I want to have a piece of chocolate cake, or some carrot cake. 

I don't want my mind telling me that bad because it's not bad carrot cake is really good. It's delicious. And I love it. The last tip is to respect your body. For example, there will be some days where you do way more activities. So you go for a long run or say you do a really hard workout, and you just feel more hungry that particular day really responding to your body's need for food and eating until you're satisfied. And then on the flip side, maybe there's other days where you wake up and you just don't feel that hungry. 

That's the kind of culture that we live in. It's not good to eat too much or you shouldn't eat too little. And it's like I think that step telling people either way, that it again, it destroys our ability to listen to our bodies, there is everything right with listening to your body. And nobody can tell you that you should eat this amount or you shouldn't eat this amount. Listen to your body. How many times can I say that on this video, I don't know. | BEGINNER? You Should READ THIS !! REALISTIC! How To Start! TIPS EATING HEALTHY IMPORTANT YOU TO KNOW

Now the last tip under this little one tip of respecting your body respect that you are unique. You might be almost six feet tall, you might be under five feet tall. I'm five, five, we are all shaped so differently. It breaks my heart when I see girls looking at their friends food and saying wow, you don't eat that much or Wow, I eat so much more than you and it's like, oh, we are all shaped so differently your activity levels your genetics, your metabolism, I would never expect me being a size seven and a half shoe to fit into a size five shoe That's silly. 

That's the thing is you can't expect or compare yourself to other people. It's literally unrealistic and it's honestly just harmful. Okay, that's the basics of just listening to your body and intuitive eating all that kind of stuff. And now we're gonna get into the actual food. I have been watching the Food Network since fourth grade. I was obsessed with cooking and just baking. I would watch Jada and Bobby Flay for hours and Rachael Ray and Duff Goldman. Oh my gosh, all the Food Network people. Yes, please. 

It's something that I genuinely love. Like it's a passion of mine. I'm not obsessed with food, and dieting, and all that kind of stuff anymore, because I've been freed from it. But I still do have very much a passion for food and healthy cooking. I appreciate that God has given us taste buds. sweet and savory. Oh, I love food. | BEGINNER? You Should READ THIS !! REALISTIC! How To Start! TIPS EATING HEALTHY IMPORTANT YOU TO KNOW

So something that I learned recently and I thought this would be kind of a good way to start this off and lay it as the foundation for what I'm going to be explaining every single every for the rest of this video, I learned from a doctor recently that there is no food that exists in nature by itself that is simultaneously high in fat, and high in sugar except for breast milk. So that being said, I really have found that it's just helpful. 

And I don't do this all the time. This is again, no rules, no restriction, all that kind of stuff. I don't even think I need to say that at this point in the video, I really do enjoy food combining so I love to have a banana with peanut butter, carbs, sugar, and then healthy fats or an apple with some almonds. You have carbs and sugar with the apple. | BEGINNER? You Should READ THIS !! REALISTIC! How To Start! TIPS EATING HEALTHY IMPORTANT YOU TO KNOW

And then you have healthy fats with the almonds and some protein with almonds. So I really like to focus on my snacks and my meals in that macronutrient balanced way. So macronutrients protein, carbs and fat balanced by having a little bit of each of those. So super interesting. I didn't know that and I thought it'd be kind of interesting for you as well. Maybe not I don't know, I'm just like weird facts like that. 

I think we can all agree that fruits and veggies are so important to a healthy diet. So let's just talk about it. I know we're all dying to know vegetables. How can we eat enough veggies and sometimes especially when you're first starting out in a healthy lifestyle, it can be really maybe daunting or a little scary to eat vegetables. I have noticed in my own personal body The more I eat something the more I crave it so honestly a few years ago when I started eating sauerkraut, I know not something that everyone likes. I didn't like it, but I ate a spoonful every single day for the health benefits of the probiotics. 

And I started noticing that my body would actually start craving it I'm not a doctor and I'm not saying this out of it will happen but I found in my body I'll say it that way that that's what's happened to me is my body starts craving it and that's really what's changed everything for me when it comes to eating healthy. Something that I personally have been working on is consuming more raw veggies. No, you don't have to sit there and eat raw brussel sprouts. To be consuming raw vegetables. | BEGINNER? You Should READ THIS !! REALISTIC! How To Start! TIPS EATING HEALTHY IMPORTANT YOU TO KNOW

The way that I like to do is simply in a snack so celery with peanut butter or carrots and hummus. I absolutely love cut up cucumber with fresh lime juice on top. Oh my gosh, if you haven't had that with like a little sprinkle of pink salt. It's so good. Just keep it simple and honestly simple is what works. When you overcomplicate it, that's when things just get out of hand and then you end up not doing it at all because it's too complicated or it's too hard. 

I've always said if you want it done, make it fun. So just keep it simple, make it something that's enjoyable. Now again under this whole like food portion of this video, we have macronutrients and we have micronutrients macronutrients again protein, carbs and fat which is what I talked about earlier which is just basically having balanced meals and snacks so for me when it comes to food and meals and snacks I really again for myself, I like to have a balance of protein, carbs and fat, macro nutrients. And then micronutrients. 

What are micronutrients micronutrients are the vitamins and minerals that's found in our food so that helps with our energy production. It helps with fluid regulation within our body all that kind of stuff when we are referring to you know being hydrated after a workout drinking coconut water eating a banana before we go for a run so that we can prevent cramps that's what we're really talking about when it comes to micro nutrients, those vitamins and the minerals that keep our bodies functioning properly and optimally | BEGINNER? You Should READ THIS !! REALISTIC! How To Start! TIPS EATING HEALTHY IMPORTANT YOU TO KNOW

This is a fun stuff for me because we're going to be going over 10 of my favorite superfoods what's a superfood when we talk about superfoods we're talking about foods that are again high in those micronutrients so vitamins and minerals and specifically that have antioxidants so what are antioxidants antioxidants basically fight free radicals in our body, our bodies naturally have their own ability to regulate you know, fighting off free radicals. 

However, antioxidants are found in foods. Again, I'm not a doctor, this is just my basic understanding of antioxidants. Number one is green tea or a matcha or just regular plain old green tea. I'm actually drinking an iced green tea right now if you've been here for a while you know that I love that my daily matcha lattes. matcha is like that green tea powder. 

So it's just more potent, more, you know, intense if you will, but it's a green tea or matcha. Both are really good matches just like really, really powerful. I love matcha but today I'm having green tea and green tea is so high in antioxidants. It's just really, really amazing at boosting your metabolism. It's great for glowy skin. It's overall just one of my favorite superfoods, so I had to include it as number one on this list, because I seriously have it every single day. 

Green tea is the number one on this list and in my heart number two is blueberries. Blueberries are so high in antioxidants. I can't tell you how many books that doctors have written that say blueberries are just like their number one superfood. | BEGINNER? You Should READ THIS !! REALISTIC! How To Start! TIPS EATING HEALTHY IMPORTANT YOU TO KNOW

They are so so good for you. My favorite way to have them is in a smoothie. I pretty much every single day have a blueberry smoothie. So I just buy organic frozen blueberries and I blended up with some banana and some other yummy ingredients. So number three on the list are almonds. I love snacking on raw almonds. 

I pretty much have raw almonds every single day. Whether it's just a handful of them, or whether it's like raw almond butter or my homemade granola that I love those are baked almonds but almonds are so good almonds are high in calcium and they're actually high in vitamin E which is so good for your skin. Number four is goji berries. Oh my goodness. 

I feel like these are like the number one superfood that everyone's always like. goji berries are the greatest berries alive goji berries are so yummy. They're kind of like tarts and I love to put them on top of Asa evils which is actually my next superfood so goji berries actually have up to 12 times the amount of antioxidants that blueberries do. 

I love blueberries though and pretty much every single doctor again says that blueberries are like the number one superfood but then we have goji berries coming along and they're like we have more antioxidants than you so don't even get me started on the blueberry goji berry antioxidant more because I just don't want to be a part of it. | BEGINNER? You Should READ THIS !! REALISTIC! How To Start! TIPS EATING HEALTHY IMPORTANT YOU TO KNOW

All I'm saying is that I love goji berries and they are really really high in antioxidants and if you've never tried them before, I will link my favorite ones in the description box again. That's what brings me into my next superfood which is Aussie Aussie berries. Oh, who doesn't love a good acevo Aussie is both high in vitamins and minerals. 

So again, lots of micronutrients in there ossai berries in those frozen packets that you can buy from the store. I get it unsweetened so it's just pure ossai super, super good. Super super food. Okay, moving on to the next one. Number six. I think Ron is coconut. Oh my goodness. 

I don't even think I need to explain my love for coconut and honestly, who even cares? Because coconuts are very very high in healthy fats that honestly just help us to have energy that's actually really good for your gut health. Coconut is just so good whether it's coconut cream or actual coconut shavings, I love to put coconut in my granola that I home make and I love coconut cream and like really me stir fries or putting in smoothies any type of coconut coconut water, coconut meat, coconut shavings, coconut straight from the tree, whatever kind of coconut it's a superfood and it's one that I absolutely love. | BEGINNER? You Should READ THIS !! REALISTIC! How To Start! TIPS EATING HEALTHY IMPORTANT YOU TO KNOW

Number seven is flax seeds. flax seeds are really high in omega three so they're really really good for your brain health. You can put them into muffins, you can put them into bread, you can put them in your oatmeal, flax seeds are so good for your skin health to that it's just a superfood that I try to consume as regularly as I possibly can and and one that I just really love the next one is cinnamon it's very high in antioxidants and it's really good at stabilizing your blood sugar that's kind of the thing that sentiment is known for like cinnamon and your oatmeal, cinnamon and breads and baked goods Semin on top of like a banana with peanut butter, cinnamon and smoothies like a cinnamon almond butter smoothie. 

So good number nine is ginger ginger is so good at just being amazing at everything honestly ginger has just been known to improve and help digestion I love ginger like I literally buy just plain old ginger that's just been like fermented and I'll just eat it like literally give me all the ginger like if I ever go out for sushi I could literally eat pounds of ginger I love I like have a weird obsession with ginger absolutely love it and I consume it regularly ginger shots are amazing ginger is just it's the bomb calm I love ginger Why did I just say bomb calm? I should never say that again. 

Okay, last but not least number 10 is all avocado It is truly a super fruit. Yes I said fruit. If you didn't know avocado is a fruit it's kind of weird i'd feel even weird saying that for some reason. I don't know why.

Okay moving on. Avocado is so good. Not only for its creamy deliciousness, but it's actually really high in vitamin C and full eight which is awesome. And if you didn't know this already fun fact about avocado it has more potassium than a banana. Sorry bananas. I do love you but avocado takes the cake I don't know why I just thought it was funny they said takes the cake like bananas, avocados cake. | BEGINNER? You Should READ THIS !! REALISTIC! How To Start! TIPS EATING HEALTHY IMPORTANT YOU TO KNOW

There's so much food you know so those are my 10 favorite superfoods just delicious, yummy foods that are high and all those good micronutrients. We're gonna finish all this off with just some simple healthy, yummy eating tips. 

So if you're new to healthy eating and you just don't know where to start and you just don't even know like where to begin and just relax my number one piece of advice is to just make peace with your body and make peace with your plate. 

If you can do that you are going to do just fine, not fine you are going to thrive your body is going to feel amazing but there is definitely some ways that we can consume more fruits and veggies and I'm going to go over that right now. 

So let's talk about snacking smart. So some fun easy little healthy snacking tips that I have for you are again to just combine those micronutrients and macronutrients healthy protein carbs and fat with you know getting some vitamins and minerals in so super, super simple, not over complicated or crazy at all have a Apple with some almonds, have a banana with some peanut butter or almond butter or have a smoothie with some coconut oil in there and maybe a handful of spinach to get in some greens. 

I love to have like granola with some strawberries because again, this is just it's not a hard and fast rule. It's just a way to make your body feel good and give your body just what it wants and needs which is all of those micronutrients and macronutrients and just keep it really simple fruit has lots of vitamins and minerals. | BEGINNER? You Should READ THIS !! REALISTIC! How To Start! TIPS EATING HEALTHY IMPORTANT YOU TO KNOW

And obviously we can really easily get in some healthy fats and proteins with nuts and seeds and all that kind of stuff. So like for an example for me and like a day of eating I love in the morning to have a sweet potato, avocado, some fruit, I love coconut yogurt, obviously I mix and match all these different things. Sometimes I'll have granola with yogurt with some fruit. It just depends every single day is different but again as you can see I have lots of different fats and protein and carbs and micronutrients. We have lots of different things going on there. 

And that's what makes a really balanced breakfast or snacking typically honestly just do like a fruit with some type of healthy fat and that's just what works for me chia seed pudding. Oh wow, I love juicy pudding with some fruit on top of that I should have put chia seeds on my list. I can't believe it and put chia seeds okay another little fun tip that I have for you that goes along with again what I eat okay you know you always hear like an apple a day keeps the doctor away. I just like to try to have a salad every single day. 

Now whether that's a very small little rubella salad with my breakfast or whether it's a full on salad for lunch, which I typically have a salad for lunch pretty much every single day just because I love salad by salad. 

I just mean Eating some raw greens every single day so whether that's spinach or rubella or just a nice leafy green salad, you're going to feel so good there's something about a good salad that just energizes me and makes me feel so so good back to what I eat for lunch I again will typically have a nice leafy green salad with some tuna avocado, beets, I sprinkle hemp seeds, my go to healthy, amazing salad dressing is just it's homemade and it's really easy. | BEGINNER? You Should READ THIS !! REALISTIC! How To Start! TIPS EATING HEALTHY IMPORTANT YOU TO KNOW

 It's apple cider vinegar with a little bit of whatever oil that I want. So all well I typically use avocado oil, and then I add in a little bit of lemon juice and I add in a little bit of a GABA and then I'll do a little bit of coconut aminos and I just mix all that up and I pour it on top of my salad so that's a really good tip that dressing is a tip in and of itself because that's going to make your salads taste delicious and that goes into my next tip when it comes to eating salads which is to massage your dressing into your salad your salads will taste 1000 times better they will literally change the taste of your entire salad really massage every bit of salad into your salad. 

Do you know what I'm saying moving on and then again I'll just snack throughout the day whenever I feel like I want to snack and I typically do have a matcha every single day and then for dinner oh my goodness I made the best dinner ever the other night it was in my last video it was this amazing delicious veggie falafel plate and that's typically at dinner is when I get a lot of my veggies in. So I love to do veggie stir fries. 

Again I made those falafels that were actually made with sweet potato and cauliflower vegetables are amazing when you season them properly and when you find fun, yummy different recipes whether it's veggie pizza or a veggie lasagna or veggie stir fry I love vegetables so so good I'm not completely vegetarian or anything like that. I definitely do still eat me Yeah, I definitely just listen to my body and I do eat meat I will have different grass fed meats. Yeah, I just I really do love veggies and I love cooking with veggies and eating veggies and flavoring veggies. 

We cannot have a healthy eating video without talking about water it is so important to stay hydrated and just the basic rule of thumb is to just drink half of your body weight in ounces every single day. I just like to keep it simple and I drink about three of these one I think it's like one liter I just drink three of these every single day this is just my hydro flask my handy dandy hydro flask I carry this thing with me wherever I go wherever I am. This hydroflask is as well just some basic water drinking tips you can flavor your water and lemon water is amazing that's really high in vitamin C and just really good for digestion. | BEGINNER? You Should READ THIS !! REALISTIC! How To Start! TIPS EATING HEALTHY IMPORTANT YOU TO KNOW

So if you're bored with water, you can always flavor it with lemon or different fruits you can infuse it with mint or whatever you like to make it you know just more enjoyable for you. Another tip is to drink out of a straw. I think that it's just really easy for me to just mindlessly sip on it. Yeah, it's really important to stay properly hydrated. 

That moves me into my last little water drinking tip which is to add in those electrolytes especially when you are going to be working out you know you're sweating and you're losing that water and electrolytes just basically help to balance out that fluid in your body and replace those very much needed minerals in your body.

 So you know potassium and sodium and all that kind of stuff, you really want to make sure that you are properly hydrated like on a cellular level. So for me personally, I get a lot of questions about that. I like to take electrolytes before I workout. And I also like to have them during my workout. So I'll link my two favorite electrolyte powders in the description box if you want to check those out really random but let's talk about salt. So table salt is this really heavily processed and the salt that I personally use his pink Himalayan salt it's just way way way way more less less processed, it's way less process and it is the most like natural salts like in its purest form. I've been using pink Himalayan salt for years and it's delicious and I love it. 

The only thing with pink Himalayan salt is it's not super high. It's just not super high in iodine in our natural foods that we're consuming when we're eating a healthy balanced diet with lots of different micronutrients and different macronutrients we are should be at least getting lots of iodine rich food fiber again if you are eating enough fruits and veggies you should be totally fine with your fiber intake fiber is in avocados it's a nuts gosh it's in berries brussel sprouts oh my goodness, it's literally it's I don't find for me personally with the diet that I eat again not dieting which is my diet. 

I don't find that it's hard to eat a diet that is you know high in fiber and high in iodine because my foods naturally just have that in the food sweeteners I do really love to have coconut sugar and I like to bake with coconut sugar it's just not as process is the white sugar and there is actually like some minerals in the coconut sugar and obviously sugar is naturally occurring in fruits and all different types of food but as far as you know added sugar or the sweeteners that I like to use when it comes to added sugar. I just like to consume it in its most pure form which is like raw local honey and maple syrup. up. 

And I love stevia. I know that's not like sugar, but that is a sweetener that I really love. Okay, so the very, very last thing that I'm going to address that's kind of done with the food now is my personal, just little one last thing because I get so many questions on it since I mentioned it in a previous video, and that is intermittent fasting. | BEGINNER? You Should READ THIS !! REALISTIC! How To Start! TIPS EATING HEALTHY IMPORTANT YOU TO KNOW

Now, I am not going to recommend that you intermittent fast because you need to listen to your body. But I did want to answer just some of the basic questions on it. Since it's been so transformative for my body, my form of intermittent fasting that I personally do is I typically just basically at the very most basic form, because I just typically eat my breakfast after 10pm every single day. And I typically stop eating around 8pm every single day. 

So I usually don't snack after 8pm. That's not a hard and fast rule. As I mentioned in the beginning of this video, I had a banana the other night. But I'm just saying, My body thrives when I give my body optimal time to digest my food, and I give my digestive system a rest. 

So again, I really believe that where you're at in your health and fitness journey is so unique to you and your body. like years ago, I learned about intermittent fasting and I knew it wouldn't be right for me because of just where I was out on my own journey with my own body. And then years later, I decided to implement it after my doctor talked to me a little bit about the health benefits since I was I can't even talk because I have so much to say. 

Because I was having gut issues, he really suggested to do intermittent fasting. For example, let's say I stopped eating my last bite of food at 7pm. And then I wake up at 10 I don't wake up at 10am I eat my first bite of food at 10am. So from 7pm to 10am that is a window that I have given my body a break I've given my digestive system a rest. That's why we call it breakfast break fast. 

So our body has been essentially fasting all night. So I'm just increasing the time before bed just a little bit and increasing the time after I wake up just a little bit just to give my body a little bit of extra room so that I can just feel good, it's helped my digestion so much my energy levels so much, I absolutely love it. 

There just are so many health benefits to it. And again, I am not promoting not eating I want to be really clear on this intermittent fasting is something that is studied and that doctors widely acknowledged for its many different benefits. 

This is not about not eating and restriction. Obviously, I think at this point in the video, you know that I'm very much passionate about listening to my body. And again, that means the intermittent fasting helps me to listen to my body, and it helps my body not to deprive myself, but to thrive. And that's basically what I do for intermittent fasting. It's not complicated, it's not hard. 

And it's definitely not I can't eat. And again, if I wake up in the morning, and I've had a super, super early morning, yeah, I'm gonna eat something. Again, there's no hard and fast rules. It's about thriving, not depriving. And I just want to say that I'm just so proud of you, I know that you have come a long way on your own health and fitness journey. 

And wherever you're at right now. I just want you to accept yourself and be so proud of yourself when I accepted my body. That's when everything changed for me when it wasn't about the outside anymore. But when I was just able to not looked in the mirror for self acceptance and approval. I just really found that hey, I'm loved by God. 

And that's enough I really want you to know that the place that you look for for approval should never be from the mirror and it should never be even from our own opinions about ourselves because our opinions can waver so much but when we have a firm foundation that hey I am fearfully and wonderfully made by God. 

That is when everything changes and that's when my life changed and that's honestly when I became the healthiest ever you are so much more than your body you are a soul and you are beautiful and your life is so much more than your external appearance. That's what makes food so much more enjoyable and fitness. | BEGINNER? You Should READ THIS !! REALISTIC! How To Start! TIPS EATING HEALTHY IMPORTANT YOU TO KNOW

When we get our eyes off of the mirror we actually will get to enjoy the benefits of eating healthy and of working out when we stop obsessing with the results when we just do it for the sake of this makes me feel good and this makes me thrive your whole life I really truly believe will change. It just makes me want to cry because I struggled for so long with healthy eating and just with my relationship with my body and with my food and I just want you to know that wherever you're at on your health and fitness journey, I just want you to know that you can do it and to never ever, ever give up. And to never ever believe the lies that tell you that you're not enough. God has truly made you beautiful and you are so much more than your body.

Okay I did not expect to cry. But I really believe this with all of my heart and soul that you're so much more than your weight you are so much I don't even weigh myself I threw away my skill years ago I don't even know what I weigh. 

I've weighed myself in like six years and I never will weigh myself again. at the doctor's office I don't even look at the scale but gosh okay I'm going off on a tangent here but anyway I just I really do want you to know that you are so so so loved and I love you so much 

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